Yuru Camp Anime Review

Have you ever watched a show that gave you a strange sense of comfort and leaves you, not only feeling calm and relieved, but also rejuvenated after? A show that just radiates peacefulness and provides a “healing effect” as you watch it. Well, an anime I watched a year ago did exactly that. The title of this gem is Yuru Camp.

Yuru Camp is a good example of an iyashikei anime. The word means “healing” in Japanese and refers to a sub-genre where the primary goal is to provide a healing effect towards its audience. This kind of anime, like Yuru Camp, is usually characterized by the following: slice-of-life, soft art style and animation, soothing soundtrack, and slow-pacing. Its intention is to help the viewer to relax after a hard day at work or after a bad day, and feel energized after watching it. And the anime Yuru Camp does a pretty good job with this one.

Released in 2018, and its second season in 2021, Yuru Camp overall has 25 episodes, excluding the specials. The story is about a group of friends, all of which are high school girls, whose main hobby is to go camping on various camp sites. It is a slice-of-life anime that pictures the various experiences of the casts as they relax beside a camp fire, sipping a hot drink or eating a hot soup together, all while staring at either the moon-lit Mt. Fuji or the night lights of the town below.

The casts of the anime is what makes this show such a heartwarming series. The differences in their personalities and their dynamic reminds me of shows like K-On! that are just so cute to see and very entertaining. I especially love the way they portrayed Shima Rin and Kagamihara Nadeshiko’s opposite personalities, as well as their friendship. The former is a quiet and reserved girl who enjoys her own company and loves camping on her own, yet does not dislike camping with others too. While the latter is an extroverted and/or outgoing girl who loves to have fun and camp with others. Yet despite being completely polar opposites of each other, these two remain and continue to grow as close friends throughout the series.

I appreciate how the anime portrays each of these two’s charm. Rin, though a quiet girl, can be cute in her own way and watching from her POV can be quite entertaining. Because she’s reserved, she has this aura of gentleness and calm and enjoys the sense of peacefulness that camping can bring. While on the other hand, Nadeshiko, a Yui Hirasawa type of character (I compare them only because they give similar vibes), is so enjoyable to watch because in her eyes everything is “colorful”. Because of her outgoing personality, she is an open person and radiates a warm aura that allows her, and the viewers, to appreciate the sense of fun that camping can bring.

Complementing the adventures of our casts are the stunning scenery, combined with a slow-pacing and a soft art-style and animation. One thing I noticed while watching the series was that one of the things that made the animation softer and gentler to the eyes were the colors used. The anime doesn’t use colors that are too strong, but instead utilizes softer hues that are gentler. Along with a number of soothing original soundtracks, the show radiates comfort and warmth while still maintaining a sense of adventure, and sometimes adding humor, to avoid boring the viewer and getting them to sleep in the middle of an episode. Though each episode is perfect for helping one to relax and sleep better at night.

Lastly, I’d like to point out the attention to detail, and its accuracy, when it comes to camping that this show does a pretty good job of doing. Not only does Yuru Camp inspire and/or motivate viewers to go and experience camping, it also provides tips and tricks along the series that may help you if you do decide to camp in a similar environment that the anime is set on. From camping tools and equipment, looking for a good camping spot, how to start a fire, how to make a tent, and other details that include how to properly dispose one’s trash and checking the weather and/or the temperature before venturing out towards a desired destination.

Yuru Camp, or Laid Back Camp, is truly a “laid back” show and is one of the best iyashikei anime out there. It’s both lighthearted and entertaining, and doesn’t fail to make my day. I gave both seasons 10/10 on MAL. I know some will disagree with my decision, but hey, I think it deserves it. There’s an upcoming movie said to be released next year, and I’m excited for it. Haven’t watched it yet? Well, why not give it a try. Thanks for reading.



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