91 Days Anime Review

I’m not really into Mafia movies and I’m not afraid to admit that I haven’t seen a single movie from The Godfather trilogy. But the 91 Days anime really caught my interest. Angelo’s revenge story gave me the same feeling I got when I first watched the anime Code Geass. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets excited when a main character plans to defeat something bigger than themself, be it an empire or the mafia. It just makes you root for them more.

Set in the fictional town of Lawless, a boy named Angelo Lagusa witnessed the murder of his parents and younger brother in the hands of the Vanetti mafia family. After losing everything, he left his hometown and changed his name to Avilio Bruno. Seven years later, Avilio receives a letter from an unknown sender. Its contents encouraged him to return to the town of Lawless, as well as giving him information that can help him exact his revenge. Doing so allowed Avilio to meet a man named Nero, the son of the Don of Vanetti, and took the opportunity to befriend him and get close to the Don.

It is an original action-drama anime that has one finished season with twelve episodes. Set in the Prohibition Era, 91 Days tells the story of Avilio Bruno and how he took down a whole mafia family in the 91st day since his return to Lawless. His plan to infiltrate the Vanetti family to get close to the Don and exact his revenge had me rooting for his victory from the start. And rooting for him did not disappoint, as his “revenge” was something I did not see coming. It was different and it was the best revenge he could ever come up with.

The atmosphere of the anime, the grey and gloomy air of the town, really suited Avilio’s dark journey towards revenge and was a perfect setting for a mafia story. It gave off a vibe similar to a Noir genre and it sets the mood for the entire series. Speaking of setting the mood, the opening song was good. So good that even if I didn’t understand the lyrics, the opening was enough to portray Avilio’s pain, suffering, and anger towards the Vanetti’s, as well as his slow descent to loneliness and loss.

The story seemed to be plot driven and less on character development. The casts were pretty descent, but there was nobody that actually stood out, I guess except for the ones that had plenty of screen time. Also, the open-ended ending may not be for everybody, but it was something I truly appreciated as it would have felt empty if they had just ended the series with a bullet in the head. Besides that, the anime is good and is worth the watch.

I gave it a score of 8/10 on MAL and recommend it to everybody that are into stories about the mafia, revenge, and action and drama. Haven’t seen it yet? Why not give it a try? You might like it. Thanks for reading.



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